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Four Trends Impacting the Imaging Service Line:

Clinical decision support mandate places imaging reimbursement at risk.

Price transparency efforts increase potential for commodification.

Payers and employers are beginning to steer volumes based on imaging quality.

AI solutions offer key benefits to early adopters.


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Stuart Clark
Advisory Board

Stuart is a Managing Director and a national spokesperson for Advisory Board. In this capacity, he presents the firm’s findings on frontier strategic and clinical best practices.

Stuart’s areas of research include general hospital administration and management, health system economics, and health policy. He is a lecturer for the flagship Health Care Advisory Board program, in addition to the Cardiovascular Roundtable, Oncology Roundtable, Imaging Performance Partnership, and the Health Care Industry Committee.

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Becky Kinkead
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As Ambra Health’s Brand Manager, Becky is dedicated to creating engaging designs that bring Ambra’s message to life. When she’s not pushing pixels, you can find her in the local coffee shop or discovering hidden running trails.