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Ambra Gateway

Ambra Gateway is a software application that connects your onsite modalities and PACS to the Ambra Cloud.  Ambra Gateway can transfer DICOMs and HL7 messages bidirectionally, powering workflows such as image exchange, query retrieve, and modality worklist. The gateway can also be used to route studies between DICOM devices on a local network.

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Ambra Gateway

For the full Ambra Gateway Guide, click here.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Ambra Health has created a game changer with their Ambra Gateway. Gateway allows us to easily exchange images with our referring providers, patients and outside organizations. The software is easy to install, configure and maintain with minimal overhead. We use Ambra Gateway to provide radiology reading services to small clinics, provide work lists for partner offices, read exams for interpretations, and share images and radiology reports with our referring providers, patients, medical/legal users, hospitals, and large national health systems. We even use our gateway to feed into other image sharing platforms. Ambra is an extremely flexible, robust and capable system that allows us to provide cutting edge technology in a safe and secure fashion. Ambra is the solution for image transfer (#ditchthedisk) and so much more."

- Mark Weathersbee, Envision Radiology

"Why do we still produce CDs and DVDs with medical images? No one’s computer has an optical disk drive. Even at Cincinnati Children’s we have to special order drives just to ingest images. When Cincinnati Children’s was looking for an image sharing solution we thought the network mattered. It turns out it doesn’t. Gateways matter.” 

- Dr. Alex Towbin, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Cloud Image Exchange



Ambra Gateway uses TLS/SSL encryption and Split-Merge technology for secure transfer of studies. As the data streams into Ambra from Gateway, it is split into 2 parts: PHI and anonymous DICOM. The PHI data is encrypted in Ambra using AES 256 bit encryption, currently an accepted Top Secret symmetric encryption standard by the National Security Agency and then stored in Ambra and on the storage system separate from the anonymous DICOM. For more information, please see the Split-Merge guide.

Gateway Security

Ambra Health SecurityAmbra will complete any security assessments or privacy agreements required by your organization. If you have any questions contact us here.


Where is Ambra Gateway installed?

Ambra Gateway can be installed on a virtual machine or server on the same network as the devices which it will receive DICOMs/HL7s from or send DICOMs/HL7s to. One Ambra Gateway can connect to multiple modalities on a single network.

What are the server/VM requirements for installing Ambra Gateway?

Click here to see the server/VM requirements.

Can Ambra Gateway anonymize DICOMs?

Yes, Ambra Gateway can anonymize DICOM tag data as studies come into or leave the Ambra cloud. In addition to removing the tag data, Gateway can also replace or modify the DICOM tag data.

Can Ambra Gateway be used to transfer non-DICOM files?

Yes, Ambra Gateway can send and receive HL7 messages. The gateway also has a ‘dropbox’ folder for uploading files such as pdfs, jpegs, movs, mp4s, tiffs, and more. Files placed in the dropbox folder will be DICOM-wrapped and uploaded as DICOM encapsulated objects.

Does Ambra Gateway require costly upgrades?

No, Gateway updates are part of the Ambra 6-week product release cycle and are included in the Ambra SaaS license. Updates are automatically downloaded and applied to Ambra Gateway. 

Installation Process

When you request Ambra Gateway a member of the Ambra Professional Services team will reach out via email and set up a quick call to install the software remotely. Click here for the full Ambra Gateway Guide.

To expedite the installation process, please complete the pre-call checklist:

CheckmarkSet up a server or virtual machine according to the Gateway requirements listed here.

Check-icons-orangeDownload and install the SimpleHelp application for instant remote support. After downloading, find the SimpleHelp application in your downloads folder.

Check-icons-pinkDetermine which ports you would like to use and create inbound and outbound firewall exceptions, if necessary. By default, Ambra uses ports 104, 4006, and 12000.


Gateway Directory

Once you have Ambra Gateway installed you can request a PACS to PACS connection with any facility in the Ambra Gateway Network, visible in the Gateway Directory.

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