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Heading to the HIMSS 2021 Conference? 

If you or your team are attending the HIMSS 2021 Conference in Las Vegas, let’s set up a time to meet for a discussion on what the future holds for medical imaging.  

With healthcare initiatives calling for more efficient imaging studies, patients demanding increased access to medical data, and a frustrating lack of imaging interoperability across siloed systems, it's no wonder that facilities are looking towards technology innovators to lead the way. We'd love to share strategies to improve image accessibility at your facility and how data can be used in exciting projects once freed from silos. 

Ambra Health Partners with Leading Hospitals & Health Systems, Imaging Centers, and Physician Groups:


Ambra Health and Modernizing Medicine


“By reducing the number of disparate systems to facilitate image exchange, Stanford Children’s has been able to cut costs and move towards one singular system with Ambra.”


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