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A unique and creative path to jumpstart your career in healthcare technology. From assisting patients when they need you most, to working alongside some of the top radiologists in the field, the Ambra Analyst Program gives you access to the healthcare industry like never before.

Over the course of the two-year program, you will develop highly technical skills as well as fine-tune the interpersonal skills needed to thrive as a Consultant in healthcare technology.

Check back in September 2020 for the 2021 application cycle. 

Professional Services Analyst Overview:

Professional Services Track


  • Develop expertise in Ambra Health software, the healthcare industry, and medical imaging.
  • Act as the first line of product support and troubleshooting for customers and daily users.
  • Train clients on how to best use Ambra Health through hands-on client sessions.
  • Build supportive relationships with new and existing clients while creating a positive client experience through responsive and informative problem-solving.
  • Assist senior members on the team with deployment projects to gain experience in the deployment process from kick-off call to go-live.
  • Lead end-to-end testing with customers.

What is Ambra Health?

Ambra Health is a medical data and image management cloud software company. We are personally and professionally committed to the mission of delivering better care through better technology—right at the heart of the care network.

Every day, large hospital systems, medical groups, and healthcare organizations rely on Ambra with confidence to significantly improve medical image management. Ambra makes medical images and data easily accessible to anytime, anywhere for leading healthcare providers such as Stanford Children’s Health, Memorial Hermann, The Mayo Clinic, and many more.


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Ambra Health Team

Office Locations

Ambra Denver OfficeDenver, CO

Our Denver office in the city’s Lower Downtown (LoDo) neighborhood is a few blocks from Mile High Stadium and Coors Field. With views of the Rockies on the walk into the office and the iconic Union Station across the street, you are reminded that you are in the perfect location for weekend getaways to the mountains. Denver’s best food scene is at your fingertips in LoDo, and you will be within walking distance of some of the city’s best theaters and entertainment.


Ambra in NYCNew York City, NY

Located right on the seaport, our NYC office is just steps from several subway lines and walking distance to some of New York’s favorite sites. Imagine peering out your office window to see sweeping views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the iconic Manhattan skyline as you collaborate on some of Ambra’s most exciting projects. In a city with nearly as many restaurants as there are people, you will be surrounded by eclectic food choices and an inspiring culture. The office is just minutes from the waterfront, at which our co-working space hosts many fun events including a yacht trip around the harbor.

Day in the Life

Though your day as an Ambra Analyst is always changing, below are examples of types of projects you can expect to lead over the course of your first year in healthcare technology. 


9:00a - Troubleshooting with Mayo Clinic

10:00a - Assist Radiologist with Viewer Configurations 

11:30a - Set-Up New Client Kick-Off Call

12:00p - Lunch with PS Team - Taco Tuesday!

1:30p - Assist on Cleveland Clinic Deployment Configuration

2:00p - Professional Services Team Touchpoint

3:00p - Discuss and Configure AI Integration with Developers

4:30p - 1:1 Weekly Meeting with Manager

Ambra Health Team

Who are YOU?

A career at Ambra Health offers you the opportunity to join a dedicated team of professionals who are changing the face of healthcare IT. We are always on the lookout for kindred spirits who are hungry to make a dent in something big and meaningful. We encourage work-life balance and believe that you should be rewarded for your abilities and hard work. If you have a ‘start-up’ personality, killer problem-solving skills, and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, then we want to hear from you!

  • Recent college graduate.
  • Strong GPA (3.3 or higher) required.
  • Expert communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Positive attitude, entrepreneurial spirit, and eager to learn something new every day.
  • Ability to write and communicate clearly.
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment.
  • Ability to learn quickly, adapt to a new environment and thrive under pressure.

Current Crew: The Ambra Analyst Program

Mary Loftus
I can juggle 5 balls!
Filip Kawka
I spent a year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming teaching skiing and climbing!
Chaeli Brown
"I can play five instruments (clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, bass guitar, and bagpipes) and I have traveled to over 40 countries."
Nathaniel Smith
"1. I went to the ER 5 years in a row. 2. I used to put ketchup on everything when I was a child. 3. I am allergic to peas."
Lily Dube
"I accidentally only have yellow things on my desk - computer case, water bottle, sunglasses, post-its."
Mira Guha
"I was given the name 'Esmerelda' in my Disney acapella group at Tufts University."
Skyler Bowden
"I'm ace at catching food in my mouth."
Kristine Green
"I spent a couple of months post-grad solo traveling in Southeast Asia."
Solomon Goldfarb
"Every morning on my bike to work I pass a beautiful mural of Major Taylor and I throw him a salute out of respect."
Riya Kumar
"My claim to fame is that Justin Bieber follows me on Twitter."
Davis Bitton
"I was one of the hundreds of thousands that flooded the streets of Chicago when the Cubs won the World Series"
Cara Donovan
"I am unusually good at wrapping presents."
Paige Leonhardt
"I love to bake, and am always on the hunt for a new recipe!"
Brentlee Cass
"One year I had to file taxes in 3 different states."

Where Are They Now?

Meet successful graduates of the Ambra Analyst Program to see the potential future paths for Analysts at Ambra Health!

Katie Puhala
Product Consultant (NYC)
"I would not be able to do my job today without having first started as an Ambra Analyst. As an Analyst, you are thrown into the Ambra platform by working directly with customers. This hands-on approach is the fastest way to get a good understanding of Ambra as a product."
Kim Lipinski
Consultant (Denver)
"Being Ambra's first string on the support team allowed me to fine-tune time management and communication skills. Not only did it teach me how to react on my feet but also it provided me with an avenue to flex my technical knowledge."
Alvan Hurley
Consultant (NYC)
"I have been with Ambra for 2 years and working on the professional services team has been by far the best job of the 3 professional jobs I have had. I gained an incredible amount of knowledge about medical imaging, PACS, and a SaaS business during my time as an analyst, all of which all helps me in my current role as a consultant in professional services."
Sam Fairchild
QA Analyst (Denver)
"Leaving college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career. The Ambra Analyst Program gave me the flexibility to learn about and explore the different career paths at a SaaS company. My colleagues and managers were supportive and encouraging when I expressed interest in the product team and they made my transition seamless and exciting."
Gabriella Smith
Consultant (Denver)
"Ambra has given me the tools that I need to succeed in this fast-paced era of technology. Starting as an Analyst gave me perspective into the industry, and prepared me for increasing responsibility on the Professional Services team. I also love working out of our Denver office and attending all of our fun events like ping pong tournaments and monthly happy hours!"
Melissa Lam
Consultant (NYC)
"My experience as an Analyst at Ambra has given me the diverse skillset and understanding I am able to use today to deploy some of our many customers' unique workflows. Through working closely with customers, I was able to build a strong knowledge of how different healthcare systems work which has helped me in the consultant role that I am in today. The Analyst role at Ambra is special in that you get to wear many hats and work with the great teams across the company!"
Andrew Frank
Manager (Denver)
"I have absolutely loved my time at Ambra as an analyst. Ambra is a place where you can take on as much responsibility as you can handle and you are encouraged to constantly find ways to make yourself and the team better. Starting as an analyst is a unique opportunity that allows you to build extensive product knowledge and begin to really understand who our customers are and how they use Ambra. I am lucky to be apart of this team and love going to work every day with my amazing colleagues."
Kate van der Sloot
Support Operations Manager (Denver)
"AAP gave me a unique opportunity to design a new role in Ambra based on a need I saw as an Analyst - and now that role is my job! I love that leadership at Ambra not only listen to employee ideas, but also help make them become a reality. Such an amazing place to work!"
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